5 Tips On How to Prioritize Comfort In An Outfit


I know we are all cooped up in our houses right now, and comfort is what’s on our minds for a lot of us when we shop online. Here are Kiwi’s Boutique’s 5 main tips on how to prioritize comfort when shopping for our clothes!

  1. Choose a fabric like cotton, linen, flannel, rayon, or nylon
  2. Throw on a dress! It gives the illusion of being put together but they're actually so comfy!
  3. Wear leggings with a nice top or jacket. This look is Comfy yet stylish
  4. Wear something that you can dress up or down
  5. Choose joggers, 2 piece sets, or track suits that you can lounge in but still look put together

Being comfy in your clothes is just as important as looking fierce. Luckily, here at Kiwi’s Boutique you can do BOTH! We certainly do not have to sacrifice style around her, sis <3

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