6 Tips To Have More Confidence When Online Shopping


Online shopping can feel exciting for some, but awful for others. Going into the experience with a positive mindset and confidence can completely change your overall time. Here are some tips that will help you gain more confidence when online shopping!

  1. Read the reviews/write reviews for future buyers
    1. Scroll to the bottom of each item and read the customer reviews. Sometimes people even post pictures in the item and this will help you get an idea of how it will fit.
    2. That being said, when you purchase something, go back and write a review to help future buyers!
  2. Cross check with the size chart & know your measurements
    1. Knowing your measurements is SO important when buying clothes online!
    2. Take a second and measure yourself. Once you've done this, check the size chart on our website to make sure you are buying the correct size.
  3. Take note of what shapes & cuts make you feel the best when you wear them
    1. You know exactly what I mean when I'm talking about those pieces that make you feel so good and SEXY!
    2. When wearing these items, what about them makes you feel so good? Is it the fabric, the cut, or the pattern? Take note of this and remember that when shopping!
  4. Familiarize yourself with their return policy.
    1. Especially if you are purchasing with a new store, skim the return policy and recognize whether or not the item you are looking at is final sale.
    2. If it is, make sure to follow the other tips to ensure your happiness with our product!
  5. Read the description of the item
    1. Read the description of the product where it describes the material, fabric, and fit
    2. We try our best to speak to the fitting and feel of the item so there are no surprises when the item arrives in the mail!
  6. Buy clothes for the size you are NOW, not the size you are hoping to be soon
    1. I know we can all relate to this one!
    2. It is so important to buy clothes for today's body and not the body you are hoping to have soon.
    3. Buying clothes that fit properly will have you feeling so confident and ready to step out looking fabulous!

Never leave an online store feeling disheartened again!  

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