3 Tips for finding the perfect pair of jeans


Shopping. for. jeans….need I say more?

Who here gets a massive headache just THINKING about jean shopping? I know I do!

Why is it so hard to find that trusted pair of jeans that will stick with you through anything? While jean shopping can be a dreaded chore on your shopping list, it doesn’t have to be!

Here are Kiwi’s Boutique’s tips for finding the perfect pair of jeans that you can rely on and carry with you for a long time.

  1. Know your measurements:
    1. Natural waist
      1. The most narrow point right below the ribcage
    2. Lower Waist
      1. The bottom of your stomach wrapping around to your upper glute area
    3. Inseam
      1. The length between your crotch and ankle.
  2. Know the rise and fit
    1. Rise:
      1. Where they come up to on your hip/waist (I.e. low-rise, mid-rise, high-rise)
    2. Fit:
      1. This refers to the cut and amount of stretch in a pair of jeans
  3. When choosing the length:
    1. Refer to your inseam measurement
    2. Think about what shoes you'll wear with it (I.e. heels or flats)

And that ladies is how simple it can be! Have these tips in the back of your mind the next you purchase jeans and never get that headache again!

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