4 Tips To Get Ready With more Confidence


Do you struggle in the morning when it comes to creating an outfit? It’s time to walk out the door and you still have no idea what to wear? Trust me, we’ve all been there! An outfit can make or break your day!

Follow these tips on how to get ready for your day with more confidence so you are ready to take on the world like the boss you are!

  1. Grab the Basics
    1. Have your "go-to" staple articles of clothing that can be easily paired and mismatched with different pieces. Spending a little extra money on items like jeans, tank tops, sweaters, and jackets is not a bad thing! These items will last through ever-changing fashion trends and can be worn through multiple seasons!
  2. Clean Out That Closet!
    1. Be honest with yourself! Get rid of clothes that don't fit or that you simply don't wear anymore. This is a task we all dread, but by keeping fewer clothes in your closet, it will allow getting ready to be a much easier and faster ordeal. You'll find yourself feeling much more confident with the pieces you select.
  3. Create a Routine for Yourself
    1. Set some time aside the night before to pick out tomorrow's outfit. Double check the weather, choose your outfit and accessories, and lay everything out. You'll wake up feeling less stressed about getting ready, and you'll have time to relax through your morning routine. You can simply throw it on and head out the door without the rush!
  4. Make Your Own Rules
    1. Fashion trends are constantly changing. Instead of trying to keep up, create your own! Wear what you feel best in. Know what fabrics, necklines, patterns, and shapes are your favorite, and build your wardrobe based on them. You will always feel more confident when you are comfortable in your outfit. Wear what makes YOU happy!

These are my go-to tips to help with wardrobe confidence. There is definitely such a thing as too much of a good thing, and when trying to decide what look you’ll rock, too many options isn’t always ideal. Trust me, girl!

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