How To Accentuate Your Curves Without a Girdle


Girdles are a thing of the past, sis! As women, we need to take pride in our curves and womanhood, but when it comes to squeezing on that scuba suit, it’s a

Here are the Kiwi’s Boutique tips on what to wear to highlight the best parts of your body to get you feeling sexy and confident!

  1. Peplum tops
    1. Peplum tops highlight the waist and hips creating a beautiful shape!
  2. Wide Leg/High Waisted Jeans
    1. Wide leg and high waisted jeans paired with pointy heels add height to your build and create a feminine frame
  3. A Belt Around the Waist
    1. Show off those curves by adding a belt around your waist! It accents the smallest part of your frame and gives you a sexy look instantly.
  4. Small Patterns/Prints
    1. Don't be afraid of being bold! Small patterns like polka dots, flowers, and vertical stripes are more flattering than big prints and offer dynamics to any look!
  5. Wrap Dresses and Tops
    1. Wrap tops create a beautiful feminine shape, highlight your curves, and hide the tummy. The perfect detail for any look

Adding these pieces to your wardrobe will have you stepping out with confidence every day. Let’s stop hiding our curves and start taking pride in them...just minus that darn girdle! 

I hope this was helpful. Stay Kiwi Cute

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