4 Tips to Rock Prints and Patterns


Patterns can be a tricky feat in the world of fashion. We don’t want our wardrobes to be dull, but how the heck do we style busy patterns without hurting everyone’s eyes?! Search no further, Kiwi Cuties. Here are Kiwi’s Boutique’s tips on rocking prints and patterns that will leave everyone loving your bold choices!

  1. Don't be afraid to mix patterns!
    1. Use prints of different scales (big stripes with small polka dots)
    2. Use prints in the same color family
    3. Use 2 different prints that share one color
  2. For my curvy ladies, try patterns of a smaller scale
  3. Pair bold prints with neutral, textured clothing
  4. be bold and be confident

Bottom line is, confidence is really the key. If you think your fit is fierce then everyone will think so! Patterns are certainly not something that you should shy away from. Rock.that.bold.print!

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